A question which we are commonly asked regarding Amrita’s Deluxe Home Programme is: «Why do you use powders and shakes — can’t I just take a capsule?»

There are several very good reasons why we chose powder over capsules or tablets:

1. Complete goodness!

Our herbal ingredients provide the complete range of all the therapeutic components of the plant, unlike modern medical drugs which isolate and extract a single «active ingredient» — the only thing we remove is the water so our medicinal herbs are naturally bursting with goodness.

2. You are getting a Full Dose and not missing a bit!

Our herbal sachets provide a full therapeutically effective dose of the herbal ingredients — generally around 10 grams of powdered herb. A typical capsule can only hold 0.1-0.3 grams of a product, meaning that in order to get the same amount of goodness to work and detoxify your body, you would need to take between 30 and 60 capsules of each herb five times every day! That could mean taking over 300 capsules per day — which is impossible! This is not the same as supplements, these herbs you only taking for a few days and they have to work hard.

3. The herbs are in their Full Action

Some of the herbs require that you can actually taste the sourness or the bitterness of them as your taste buds will trigger its action on body systems, while a capsule or tablet bypasses this important step and reduces the benefit of the herb.
Amrita’s herbal ingredients taken with a juice facilitate sub-lingual absorption as well — which means they are very rapidly taken into the bloodstream.

4. Highly Digestible in your body

In the widely used medical reference book, Physician’s Desk Reference, it is noted that
liquids can be absorbed up to 98%. Whereas it states the absorption rate of pills and capsules is 5% –
18%. Some people’s digestive systems are so compromised that they may not even be able to digest
the gel cap — meaning that the medicine passes straight out of their body, untouched, into the
sewage system. Our herbal ingredients, taken in liquid form as shots or shakes actually enhance
digestion and provide their full therapeutic potential!

5. Easily customizable

By providing loose powders we give you the freedom to add synergistic ingredients to
the juice or shake of your choice, so you can actually enjoy your cleansing programme and look forward to the next yummy shake!

6. Convenient to cary around

Shake sachets can be conveniently carried around and used at work or while travelling.

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