As you all know, Thailand is one of the richest countries of tropical fruits, real tropical fruit heaven. All-season harvesting of fruits makes the country and its guests enjoy them all year round. No matter when you visit Thailand, you won’t be disappointed. Every day all year long a variety of sweet delicious fruits are in season and ready for you to enjoy.

The tropical climate and abundant rainfall in Thailand are ideal for growing a huge variety of fruits. Some Thai fruits are very sweet and juicy, like bananas and pineapple, while the others are more exotic.

Fresh fruits are popular with Thais as an anytime snack and is eaten as dessert at most meals. It may be served raw, freshly sliced, in salads, or cooked in many different ways.

We are very proud that our Detox formulas contain a slice of this tropical paradise. Fruits such as Papaya and Mangosteen are present in our formulas and deliver a full benefits of the real fruits as no nutrients are lost during Freeze-Dry method of processing the plants and fruits.

Some fruits are seasonal. Check out the schedule of what are served in each period, so you know what to expect when you come. Click on the image to see in full resolution.

Fruit Seasons chart WEB

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