• Before you embark on a detox programme, you need to understand and decide why these 7 days are important for you. Have a clear intention for your detox and think about what you will achieve! Tune in to your body’s true needs and think about all the great advantages that you will experience. Be aware of your emotions during a detox week. You will have a much better experience when you prepare yourself for this and understand why it is happening.
  • Do not confuse detox with a fast. You are not fasting, you are actually putting good stuff in!  If you feel like your body requires a Fast instead, please source other methods.
  • Get passionate about making the food. During the detox week explore some simple healthy recipes. Try them! Whizz smoothies, chop salads,  smell it, taste it and appreciate it. Believe in it and let it  cleanse, heal and take care of you.
  • Don’t view this week as a once off to get over with, get excited about an amazing new start and lifestyle. In turn, your experience and results will be amazing!
  • Change your view on snacks. Snack is not a bad word. Snacks can actually be very healthy and good for you! Raw chocolate bars, pots of chia pudding,  glass of juice or smoothie,  dates and seeds bars will satisfy your cravings, but also provide nutrients and energy.
  • Try to buy organic produce. An additional cost to purchase organics is nothing in proportion to the additional amount of nutrients you will receive from eating food which wasn’t sprayed by pesticides, genetically modified, kept for 1 year in some dark place before it hit the shelves… When you see the health benefits, it will be easy to understand how you actually end up paying less in the long run!
  • Understand that you may feel low before you feel great. This happens when you are eliminating foods upon which you are dependant. To stay motivated, I recommend you to do some research or contact us for help with ideas of replacing those foods with its healthy alternatives.

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