Let’s talk today about the way we process our herbs in order to preserve all the goodness they can provide. Ok, we might get a bit technical, but we guess you want to know how our product is made!

Our unique Dynamic Freeze Drying process allows us to provide the absolute best quality whole herb product available on the market today. The herbs are locally, organically and sustainably grown and harvested at their most potent in order to ensure the maximum therapeutic effect. Then they are processed in the shortest possible time to preserve all their natural vitality and the Dynamic Freeze Drying process guarantees that the only thing lost is water, none of the active constituents are degraded by heat.

Did you know that some herbal suppliers use slow air-drying techniques, others use oven-dry techniques, some even sun-dry the herbs, — all of which can allow the vital therapeutic components to be destroyed.

Freeze-drying works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.

Until now the following methods were common:

  • Chemical (oxidation, saponification, etc);
  • Using heat (heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation);
  • Mass transfer (drying, crystallisation, extraction, distillation of liquids);
  • Hydromechanical (mixing, fluidisation, precipitation, filtration, centrifugation, compression gases);
  • Mechanical (grinding, mixing solids).

Freeze-drying is a relatively new method which causes less damage to the substance than other dehydration methods using higher temperatures. It does not cause shrinkage or toughening of the material being dried. In addition, flavours, smells and nutritional content generally remain unchanged, making the process popular for preserving food.

Currently «Freeze-Dry» is the most advanced technology processing that preserves the beneficial properties and does not break the cell structure of the product. That is what we use to produce Amrita’s Detox sachets.

This method, invented in the early XX century, initially was used only for the military industry. Today the «Freeze-Dry» is used in the manufacture of drugs, enzymes, starter cultures, herbal extracts and other drugs, for which the most important thing is to preserve all the useful components, such as fatty acids, vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals and other nutrients.

The key to the method of «Freeze-Dry» is the fact that it does not use heat and chemical reagents that may violate the phytochemical compositions of the products. Also the products made by freeze-drying, have a long shelf life and resistance to microbial fermentation and without the addition of any preservatives.

The process of «Freeze-Dry» is as follows. The vacuum cooling chamber is connected to another chamber with a lower temperature which is instantly cooling whole fruits and plants automatically making them brittle and fragile. As a result, the product disintegrates into small granules, chamber keeps rotating while mixing the obtained particles, which contributes to their further grinding.

For comparison, using devices such as knives or presses with other processing methods is accompanied by heating of friction, which neutralises enzymes, which is turn leads to the destruction of heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals. Through this coarse grinding the natural cell structure of the raw material is broken. Technology «Freeze-Dry» allows us to avoid this problem and the resulting granules retain a porous structure, which contributes to easier absorption of the product by the body.

The ingredients are tightly packed in the sachets which protects the finished product from the effects of oxygen, moisture, light, mechanical damage and the loss of the natural smell.

Another great point of «Freeze-Dry» — processing and packaging is done at once in a single unit. This not only helps to keep the product in the most valuable form, but also reduces the risk of contamination and exposure to heat and moisture by reducing the number of stages and the lack of any manual intervention. As a result, the drug meets the latest quality requirements and its biological value is preserved, and that makes our «Health Formula» one of the best on the market today.

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