You enjoy life and love yourself. You live with awareness and gratitude for your body and are aware that health is the main ingredient to your happiness and bliss. Amrita all-inclusive wellness programmes make your choice of investing in your health easy and pleasant.

Amrita detox methodology is built around a very gentle and yet effective cleansing method that applies two ancient medicinal principles: ‘First, do no harm’ and ‘Let food be thy medicine’. The methodology is based on 100% natural herbal shakes that cleanse and protect your body, while giving plenty of nourishment. At Amrita Luxury Wellness Retreat we use organic Thai herbs as ingredients for shake formulas scientifically designed for triple action:

  • To nourish the body and calm your mind during detox.
  • To promote toxins release in the body.
  • To alkalise and protect your body from oxidative damage.

The result is a deep cleansing effect on a cellular level and a gentler and more relaxed experience. Together with herbal shakes, we apply modern dietology so you enjoy a personalized, delicious and functional diet tailored to your wellness goals.

And to complete Amrita magic, we treat you with private yoga lessons, magnificent Thai and oil massages, soothing herbal spa procedures and personal fitness sessions. Learn more about our all-inclusive wellness programmes, enjoyed in a luxury setting: