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Congratulations!! You have completed your 1 week programme, how do you feel now? You must be so proud of yourself! It’s a big step to a new healthy You and hopefully beginning of a new lifestyle!

What was easy and hard parts of the Amrita 7 Days detox  for you? Have you learned something new about your body, your cravings and certain foods? You may wish to record how you feel as writing about your feelings will make you look for an answer, and could be great inspiration for the new lifestyle and food habits!

Post detox stage is just as important as the detox itself. Your stomach has shrunk and can’t fit as much food as it used to. You must start by slowly reintroducing simple raw and lightly cooked meals, such as
soups and porridge, and try to refrain from eating meat for a few more days until your body gets used to usual amount of food again… Also we don’t advise starting drinking coffee and alcohol straight after detox. Your body is pure, cleared of toxins and refreshed now, so let’s fill it with the best food and drinks possible!

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The best thing is to keep starting your day with a warm water with lemon ( and possibly good quality local honey), then you can always make Green Smoothie as its nutritional benefits are endless plus it is very filling too! Another good breakfast is a Raw Buckwheat Porridge – we have recipe here

Sit down and write down a plan and shopping list for your meals for the next week or two. By being organised with a plan and lots of yummy  fresh food in the fridge, you will be more in control of what you eat. Pick a day of the week to try some new recipe and get creative making a new healthy dish each time.  Join yoga or gym classes, read uplifting and inspiring books, see a nutritionist if you want to take things further.

Seek support and inspiration from people that will encourage and inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle. Join some Facebook pages where you find some great recipes or tips on healthy lifestyle. Let us know how you are doing, leave a comment on our blog or Facebook page. Share your story and carry on rebuilding your health into the ideal shape you want it to be.

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