Unlike many detox plans out there, the Amrita cleansing programme is very simple to follow and only requires a little commitment. With busy lives and hectic schedules, staying on track may be difficult at times. If you need some motivation, use the following tips to stay ahead of the game.

Don’t set Major Goals, set Mini Goals
If your final goal is a weight loss, for example 10 kg, it will take time to achieve. If you want it to happen overnight, I have to disappoint you – it will not. So if you keep thinking abut how hard it is to lose 10 kg,  you may end up losing motivation along the way. So, the solution? – Break it down into sections. Set a goal of losing 1-2kg every month. This will help you to stay motivated, and it makes your diet and lifestyle plan seem achievable.

Do it with someone!
Detox and exercise partner is probably the best things you can do for yourself. It is much easier to stick to your programme if you have someone else to do it with you. Ask your friends –  maybe someone is also interested, it will make the whole process easier!

Reward yourself!
We all had a moment when we promised to never touch cakes, ice cream, chocolate, coffee or another forbidden food for good. Unfortunately, each one of us has also broken their promise. Just think – what a life it will be? You don’t want to be healthy but miserable, do you? And not the cakes and not al chocolates are the same! Although you need to stop eating this food for a week when you cleanse, you do not have to forget about it completely. After you have followed your detox for the entire week, find a simple recipe of raw chocolate or buckwheat pancakes for example, try it, allow yourself to have something you really like one day a week.  Learn to prepare healthy version of “unhealthy” foods in moderation and reward yourself occasionally with these foods for sticking to the regime.

Learn about your body
You can do yourself a favour by learning your body’s rhythm. Check when you have your “lowest” point in energy. If you are morning person – you may lose energy around midday, and late night people may have a dip in energy in the middle of the afternoon. During these low peaks of energy, you are more likely to reach out for a comfort sweet food. If you can figure out the time of day or situation when you are most likely to break your plan, you can plan ahead. Pack some fruits so that you have a healthy option during the low points.

Tell people about your programme!
Research shows that people are more likely to stick to their resolutions and plans if they tell their friends about it, since they feel ashamed to fail.  Your friends can actually be a source of inspiration when you need it!

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