When you are trying to lose weight, starving yourself might seem like a good idea, but there’s a small problem with it. The more you starve yourself, the more stubborn your fat stores actually become!

Our body always hangs on to fat stores to prevent our energy running too low and boost survival –  you can call it self-preservation! The main problem with starving yourself is not that you won’t lose weight, but the fact it’s not sustainable, and you will put it on as soon as you start eating again.

The good news is that you can lose weight safely, and effectively by just following a few rules.

1. Never skip breakfast.

While you’ve been sleeping, your body’s been fasting without food for 8 hours, your energy reserves are running on fumes and your fat-burning metabolism has slowed to a crawl. Now is the best time to kick-start your body into fat-burning mode.

Avoid pastries, breads and full of sugar cereals for breakfast. Loaded with simple refined carbohydrates, these foods spike your blood sugar levels  before shortly crashing and leaving you unfulfilled, irritable and tired.

Instead, keep your blood-sugar levels stable with foods like eggs on rye toast, a fruit salad topped with Greek or coconut yogurt, muesli or a bowl of oatmeal with assorted fruits, nuts and a bit of honey. Another great option is a smoothie!

2. Eat low GI foods.

When it comes to choosing the right foods for weight loss, stick to the GI scale (glycemic index). High-GI foods are broken down quickly by the body and deliver a short, sharp burst of energy. Low-GI foods take longer to break down, keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

3. Say No to sugary drinks

Soda drinks and fruit juice from the boxes are loaded with sugar and destroying your health. Sugar is the leading contributor to fat gain and leads to diseases, including diabetes and heart diseases.

4. Choose healthy snacks.

Your snacks must contain protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. The best choices are mixed nuts, avocados on toast,  oat/spelt crackers, vegetables sticks with hummus and glass of smoothie. You’ll feel full and have lots of energy.

5. Exercise!

Weight loss begins as soon as you start burning more calories than you get with the food, so the more you move, the more you lose! Your muscles are natural fat burners so use and engage them as much as possible. Walk, swim, skip, jog, dance, cycle – get your heart racing and burn fat.

Remember, every day you are making choices. Every day you have opportunities to burn a few extra calories. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, park away from work, get off one tube station earlier and walk home, there are so much you can do!

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