do you need a detox

Our clients often tell us – I have tried many diets yet still can’t change my shape! Can you help? Will Amrita detox make me slim?

Weight issues can be due to many things – hormones, the food you are eating, how well you are absorbing your food and the type of exercise you do and also don’t forget about your genetic.

Sometimes people spend hours in gym, but don’t get slim. And you know why? Because people respond to exercise in different ways. Some people are simply ‘Non responders’. They genetically have a hard time at losing weight whatever exercise they do. For some people gym training will be the answer, for others – low carb diet.

Amrita detox is about cleansing, not slimming down, although you will lose a few kilos in the process.

Cleansing our bodies of toxins and being healthy is more important than simply being skinny.


We have a few rules for those who want to lose some weight.

  1. Never stay hungry, never starve yourself as this is not going to make you slim, it can actually cause weight gain. Going into starvation mode can radically decrease your metabolism and cause you to pile calories and gain weight instead of losing it. This is the body’s natural mechanism to stop you from starving.
  2. Start your day with a glass of warm water with lemon – that will start your metabolism going!
  3. Juicing gives you plenty of important nutrients to protect your body’s natural mechanisms but don’t forget that juices contain lots of sugars, so try juicing mostly veggies instead. But add an apple ( preferably green) to make your juice a bit sweeter.
  4. See if the gym works for you – if not, maybe try eating less carbs on a daily basis, sometimes it can be a right solution. But better to consult your nutritionist.
  5. You can actually lose weight by eating 5 meals a day – three mains meals and two snacks as long as you are eating healthy foods. But make sure you eat protein with each meal!
  6. Remember that we are all different when it comes to eating and exercise. Ask nutritionists to make your individual plan, which will be the best for you and only you!

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