Once you decide to go on Amrita detox programme, it is always a good idea to plan how you could assist and support your body in detox period.  Make some time each day for extra detox support. A good detox is not just about drinking healthy shakes and not eating bad foods, it’s about taking good care of yourself and reducing/eliminating stress, which is toxic.

Use some ( or all) activities from the list below to make your detox a more pleasant and healthy experience.

  • Laughing and trying to keep yourself happy!  Just try to do what makes you happy, watch less TV, work less on computer, use your phone less too. Instead find and read a good book, go outside, walk, run, play with kids and animals, deeply breathe in lots of fresh air, do some gardening,   listen to music, sing and dance!
  • Exercising. This doesn’t have to take a lot of your time but a 30 minute daily walk will get your blood flowing and allow oxygen to circulate more completely through your system. Exercise is a great way to speed up the detox, so choose something you will enjoy the most, from yoga to skipping, cycling, running or swimming.


  • More sweating! Try to find a sauna nearby, maybe check out you local gym, since 1-2 sauna sessions a week will remove lots of toxins from your body and greatly assist your detox programme. Hot/Bikram Yoga is another amazing option. It is a great way for your body to open up, eliminate waste through perspiration and breathing and improve your blood circulation through improved flexibility, stretching and twisting.
  • Dry skin brushing. Get a dry skin brush from a local drug store and spend a few minutes each day working on the skin of your entire body. Your skin is the largest elimination organ and is the first to show symptoms of imbalance or toxicity via acne, rashes, body odour and psoriasis. You can eliminate these as well as improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, increase digestion and even dissolve cellulite by stimulating your lymph system with a brush.
  • Contrast Shower. Stand under hot running water until you are thoroughly warm, then turn to the colder setting for 30 seconds and let water run over your entire body and face. Repeat a few times. As you do this, your body and skin will be stimulated, rushing the blood to your organs, eliminating the toxins in the process.

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