Our body is so amazing  that it naturally rids itself of toxins through sweating, bowel movements, breathing, and organs such as kidneys, liver, and lungs). But it is very important that you help your body and give it the tools it needs – we are talking about good foods – to efficiently naturally detox.

Here we prepared the list of the 20 best foods for cleansing.

  1. Apples – they are packed with peptin which is the best kind of fibre, which binds to cholesterol and heavy metals and eliminates toxic build up on the way out.
  2. Bell Peppers – are a great source of carotenoids and Vitamin C, which have great anti-cancer and immune-boosting properties.
  3. Kale – is a liver-boosting superfood that contains lots of antioxidants which kill harmful compounds and is high in fibre.
  4. Spinach –  protects the digestive tract from inflammation, and is also a great source of calcium and vitamin C and K.
  5. Bananas – are loaded with potassium, which is great for your blood pressure and heart function and protects and supports your kidneys.
  6. Avocados – they stimulate glutathione which is essential for cleansing the liver.
  7. Carrots – have a unique combination of carotenoids which are boosting your vision, and reducing cardiovascular problems.
  8. Celery – fights against digestive inflammation and contains a special blend of good fibre that strengthen the lining of the stomach and decrease the risk of ulcers.
  9. Cucumbers – are a rich source of antioxidants and an all-natural inflammation fighter.
  10. Onions – Like avocados, onions stimulate glutathione (great for fat loss and energy) and are antibacterial as well as immune-boosting.
  11. Garlic – Has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, it supports liver function, cleanse arteries, clear the respiratory system, and have antimicrobial properties acting on more than 30 different harmful fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses.
  12. Lemons and limes– are loaded with immune-boosting Vitamin C and are amazing for your immune system.
  13. Summer Squash –  contain high amounts of B-complex vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids which contain compounds that are both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.
  14. Kiwi – One of the best sources of Vitamin C (a great immunity booster), these sweet little fruits have also been shown to protect DNA from oxygen damage and contain molecules which bind and remove toxins from the colon.
  15. Berries – famous for their high antioxidant content. Blueberries have particularly high quantities of a natural compound that reduces inflammation, work hard as an anti-bacterial agent.
  16. Mushrooms – especially shiitake – include an outstanding ability to power-up your immune system, liver-boosting properties, high iron content, cardiovascular support, B vitamins and many minerals.
  17. Broccoli – contain liver-boosting sulfuric compounds that make them such a great cleansing food.
  18. Walnuts – These little nuts are good for your heart, and your bone health. They’re also a delicious source of minerals and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  19. Quinoa –is a great complete protein source, contains good fatty acids, is high in fibre and calcium and has a unique blend of anti-inflammatory properties.
  20. Almonds –  lower LDL cholesterol, lower your risk of heart disease, protect against diabetes, and support weight loss.

In our next post we will talk about cleansing herbs and spices. Make a shopping list!

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