It is the beginning of a new year now, and is the best time to leave your unhealthy habits behind and start creating a healthy body, full of energy, health and happiness!



In this 5 weeks guide which will help you move from eating processed junk to eating real food, we are going to show you the best ways to  By eating proper real food, your body gets all necessary vitamins, minerals and the nutrition that makes you healthy and happy!

Week 1 – the most important week as we are giving up the worst enemy – Sugar!

Stop eating refined sweeteners and all added sweeteners. White sugar, brown sugar, demerara sugar, splenda, agave sirup, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, and ANY other refined or artificial sweetener.
Sweeten your food with a small amount of raw honey or real maple syrup. If you are on low-carb diet, use a tiny bit of stevia.

Do not eat any food products that are labeled as “low-fat, reduced fat or fat free”. They are loaded with additional sugars to replace the fat.

No more sugary fizzy drinks.any fizzy drinks like Coke, Sprite, Pepsi and any boxed fruit juices from the shop – they are full of sugar!  Only drink water, coconut water, almond ( or any nut) or coconut milk, freshly squeezed (AT HOME) fruit and vegetable juices, herbal and green tea, chicory and occasional coffee.  If you are going to drink alcohol – stick to red wine and don’t drink more than 1-2 glasses at the time.  Continue doing it into next weeks until it becomes a habit.

Week 2  – No more fast food, nothing artificial and no packaged food with more than 5-ingredients

Stop buying all fast food – McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, donuts, chips, crisps, etc (you know what fast food is) !  Avoid all artificial ingredients – sweeteners, preservatives, flavours, colours and anything else artificial. Do not buy packaged food products that contain more than five ingredients – the more ingredients in a packaged food, the more highly processed it probably is.

Week 3  – Increase your servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily by 3 more, plus try 3 new real whole foods

Make an effort to eat a minimum of 3 new whole foods that you’ve never had before. For example, quinoa, sweet potato and kale. And add 3 different organic fruits or vegetables to your diet every day. Maybe make extra smoothie, or have a fruit salad, or have vegetable sticks with hummus. Keep going, do not stop!

Week 4 –  Eat locally grown foods – fruits, vegetables and meat

Start eating only locally grown food this week, find your local farmer’s market where you find the best quality organic food, plus by buying your food there you will support local small growers instead of large rich corporations.

Week 5  – Eat whole grains ( nothing white), legumes and say No to refined oils

All grains eaten must be 100% whole-grain. Do not eat processed white stuff  – white flours, white rice, white pasta. The best and healthiest grains for you are quinoa, buckwheat, spelt, rye, oats.  Eat your legumes – beans and lentils.

Stop using refined oils. Vegetable oil, soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, margarine, grapeseed oil – all of them contain trans-fats which are extremely unhealthy and bad for you! Switch to olive oil, coconut oil, organic butter and ghee.

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