There is no question about it: The business of health and wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry that shows no sign of slowing down. Suddenly everyone from your childhood sweetheart to your neighbour is a wellness guru, who is promising to make your generally unhealthy life over in say, “5 easy steps”.

But with so many wellness companies, promising so many things –human beings like me and you are left scratching our heads as we try to decide between going keto or plant-based, paleo or vegan,  battling to keep up with whether swapping full fat milk for soy in our daily latte (if they’re even allowed on Monday’s?) is really going to make a difference.

Now we are being bombarded with “scientific” evidence that our diets are not the only aspects of our wellbeing that are in need of a complete overhaul. Apparently we are all toxic, and every cell in our bodies needs to be detoxified! Now you’re under pressure to decide whether a gentle herbal detox is going to be quite enough to eliminate all those fun-loving toxins, or if it’s going to take more invasive procedures such as umm (*whispers) colonics.

We feel your pain! Quite simply, there are just so many health and detox oriented programmes out there – all claiming to be the best – promoted by celebrities, professionals and well-meaning amateurs. They range from simple one-day juice fasts to long-term, live-in complete fasts with colonic “irrigation” and “boot-camp” style exercise regimes. So many options, so many extremes!

Whilst the benefits of a deep cellular detox are very real, most detox programmes end up being harmful and ineffective. Detox programmes are often fraught with competing claims, myths, and dangerous empty promises:

“Insert this contraption where the sun don’t shine and experience revitalised energy!”
“Live off only cayenne pepper and lemon juice like Beyonce and Gwyneth and lose 15 pounds in a week”


At Amrita, our philosophy is based on the ancient Hippocratic principle, of “First, do no harm!” We believe that an effective detox doesn’t have to involve endless green juices and borderline starvation which make you beyond “hangry” (hungry + angry = hangry). And the passage to detox should not only be reserved for those who are privileged enough to own Vitamixes or masticating juicers which you likely don’t have, and probably cannot afford.

We also understand that you are only trying to do your best as you make your way through the sometimes scary and confusing world of wellness. We understand that you really are committed to being healthy and that if you do try a detox programme, you obviously want it to be effective, but it needs to allow you to continue with your daily routine as much as possible. After all, not everyone has the time to fly to a tropical paradise and detoxify themselves in a luxury beachside or jungle wellness retreat …but nothing is stopping you from having this full detox experience in the comfort of your own home whilst you work towards this dream.

We now present you with our simple, pure and effective formula (straight from the tropical paradise of Koh Samui), and break down the 5 main reasons why this convenient programme is the best detox product on the market today:

1. Convenience: Our product is conveniently packaged into individual herbal sachets. You can simply stir, mix or blend our powdered herbs into water, simple fruit juice or any smoothie, on the “go”. You don’t have to change your lifestyle during detox, it seamlessly fits into your daily regimen. We deliver the programme (product and simple instructions) to your doorstep, wherever you are in the world.

2. Solid Foods Allowed: We provide you with a list of healthy foods to pick and choose from during your detox. You are free to customise your daily diet plan according to this list, and chat to our experienced naturopath about any of your questions at any stage.

3. Gentle and Natural: Many detox programs prescribe colemas or enemas as the main mechanism for toxin removal. There is a growing body of evidence that such invasive methods can actually harm you by removing valuable flora or damaging soft tissues. Amrita’s methodology is based on our unique herbal formula designed to cleanse and detox your body on a deep cellular level without such invasive techniques. We also prescribe our own probiotic formula to replace all of the good bacteria after your detox.

4. No “Healing Crisis”: A “healing crisis” is just a term for badly managed oxidative damage which occurs when stored toxins are released from the cell and repackaged for transport out of the body. A lot of other detox programmes also prescribe this as part of the process! This stems from a basic misunderstanding of the biological basis of detoxification. Amrita’s methodology uses plants that feed your body and herbs that protect your body from oxidative damage during detox.

5. 100% Organic and Sustainable: Most detox companies use low-cost chemical laden fruits and vegetables for their juices to save money and increase revenues. Our unique Dynamic Freeze Drying (DFD) process allows us to provide the absolute best quality whole herb product available on the market today. The herbs are locally, organically and sustainably grown and harvested at their most potent in order to ensure the maximum therapeutic effect. Then they are processed in the shortest possible time to preserve all their natural vitality. The DFD process guarantees that the only thing lost is water, and none of the active constituents are degraded by heat which is the case with most of the herbal suppliers who still use slow air-drying techniques, oven-dry techniques, or even sun-drying the herbs.

This list would not be complete without saying something about the results of the Amrita detox programme. In summary, you can expect weight optimization, improved mental clarity and focus, and revitalised energy during and after your detox.

These are just some of the proven and pronounced results registered by our happy clients worldwide:

“I felt lighter, more energetic and my complexion is brighter”
“I lost my cravings for sweets when I am usually one of those who heads for the dessert section at the buffet”
“I didn’t need my 9am coffee to wake me up at work!”
“I felt that great healthy feeling that stops me from putting unhealthy food in my body”
“I felt clean and clear throughout the process and was also able to continue with my daily life”
“After only a few days my colon and intestine felt clean , no more bloating , flat tummy and a renewed energy”
“My skin is glowing, and my hair is shining- but over and above the physical -I’m so surprised at how I am feeling emotionally cleansed”

Now that you have a better idea about Amrita and why it is the best option compared to other detox programmes out there, you may want to explore our home wellness programmes on our products page. All of our programmes are easy, gentle and convenient – and we also have an affordable “mini kit” option available if you just want a taste! Our Naturopath, Dr Graham Rowe can easily be contacted if you want to know more about the product, or if you need consult about a particular concern or problem you would like to correct.

Make the wise choice: Jumpstart your health, and reboot your metabolism gently and naturally with Amrita today.

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