Christmas and New Year are times for family, friends, lots of festive foods and drinks! We feel very happy to be on holiday!  We all deserve a break, don’t we?

Christmas Turkey Dinner


But the only thing ( well, part of our body) which may not be as happy as we are and not share our excitements is our good old liver!

Stressed, overworked, and unable to do its job properly.     It is common knowledge that the liver is responsible for dealing with alcohol. However, all other functions of the liver are absolutely fundamental to our health and fat levels. Ignoring the vitality of your liver is a sure fire way to end up with poor body composition and one disease or another.

Your liver is a really important organ in your body. It does lots of important stuff like making the hormones and enzymes that make your body work properly. It also gets rid of the rubbish and toxins in your body.

What are some of most important functions of the liver? 

  • Making bile and cholesterol which enables you to break down fat and make hormones
  • Maintaining immunity
  • Storing vitamins and minerals
  • Balancing hormones (excreting oestrogen, activating thyroid and leaving us lean and happy)
  • Controlling glucose and fat supplies (keeping blood sugar and energy levels balanced)
  • Phase 1 detoxification – collecting toxic waste (hormones, alcohol, caffeine, medicine and antibiotics).
  • Phase 2 detoxification – conjugation (making all your waste bind with something and go to the kidneys for excretion) – taking the bad stuff out.

Liver Detox


Normally your liver does a great job of handling all the things it needs to do but sometimes our lifestyle or the toxins in our environment put too much load on our liver so it needs help.

We all eat a richer diet over the festive period (more fat and toxins), drink more alcohol (more toxins and sugar) and do less exercise (meaning less blood is flushed through the liver).     Phase one of the detoxification will suffer as the liver can only deal with a certain number of jobs. That means phase two (preparation for elimination) also cannot be done efficiently.  Toxins  have  to be stored or excreted and excretion is not working well in Christmas. But if the toxins are not eliminated, they are going to be reabsorbed and that is when you get various health problems.

That’s why we created Easy Detox™. Easy Detox is an integrated methodology based on delicious, all natural, herbal shakes; sensible diet and lifestyle suggestions; and mind/body practices which help your liver to do its job properly.

Here are 3 reasons why your liver will be happy with Easy Detox!

  1. Your liver will smile because it is getting all the help and support it needs, at a deep cellular level, to do its stressful job – just like if you had a maid to help with cleaning your house, you’d be happy too.
  2. With Easy Detox™ you get specific diet instructions on what to eat to provide the nutrition your liver needs to do its job:  you will enjoy delicious yet simple meals using fresh, organic fruit and vegetables like broccoli, artichoke, kale, berries and buckwheat to provide the nutrition your liver needs to do its job.
  3. And you don’t have to do anything unpleasant like colonic irrigation and also, because of the super anti-oxidants in our shakes, you will not experience ant “healing crisis” that many other detox systems warn you about. It really is the easiest way to detox. We even have two schedules – the Intensive – 5 shakes per day for 7 days for those who want fast results, and the Relax – 3 shakes per day for first week and 2 shakes per day for second week if you want to take it slow.


After Easy Detox you will feel:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Elimination of sugar cravings
  • Elimination of chronic headaches
  • Clearer more radiant complexion
  • Improved mental focus
  • Enhanced immune system function
  • Decreased irritability
  • Improved overall sense of happiness and wellbeing

By now you are probably wondering – how do I get my hands on Easy Detox™?  Easy Detox™ was created in 2012 by Australian Naturopath Graham Rowe at Amrita Luxury Wellness Retreat on tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand; by now Easy Detox™ methodology is widely used at 5-star luxury wellness resorts across South East Asia. Yet you don’t have to travel half the world or spend a fortune to experience Easy Detox™.

Amrita Home Wellness lets you order Easy Detox 7-day Classic Kit at and it will be delivered to your door in 1 week, complete with individual sachets for herbal shakes and simple instructions.  So go ahead, treat your precious liver with Easy Detox™ and feel how it smiles back at you just 7 days later!

Amrita’s team is wishing you a very Healthy New Year!!!

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